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Sadhana health and beauty magazine is the largest selling Nepali monthly. The official magazine of Beauty Club Nepal and Swandarya Kala Byawasayi Sangh Nepal, Sadhana regularly covers articles on men’s health, women’s health, weight loss, beauty, fitness, yoga, nutrition, sex and relationship, environment and its effect on health, diet guide, healthy recipes, ayurvedics and herbal remedies.

The cutting edge of the publication is in its investigative reporting. In fact since its inception it has been always acclaimed for its daring investigated stories on social issues, many of which voiced the plight of the public and compelled the administration to take corrective actions.

Sadhana has certainly lived up to its objectives in every manner and attached greater purpose to responsible journalism for some other publications to follow. The monthly continues to address the aspirations of the readers with its mass appeal.

With new outlook and redesigned format, Sadhana is the only magazine catering doctors, nurses, clinics, hospitals, patients and health conscious people in urban and sub urban areas of Nepal.

Strengths: Sadhana health and beauty magazine appeals by its contents to both males and females of all age groups in the middle and upper income segments of urban and sub urban areas.


Fact – sheet on Sadhana

Circulation: 48,000

Readership by Sex:

Male – 42%

Female – 58%

Readership by Age:

16 to 20 – 08%

21 to 25 – 29%

26 to 45 – 37%

46 to 55 – 19%

56 and above – 07%

Readership by Economic Group:

Strata A – 21%

Strata B – 37%

Strata C – 38%

Strata D – 08%

Strata E – 01%

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