Entertainment Magazine

Kamana, the largest exported magazine from Nepal, is the entertainment encyclopedia of Nepal. Perhaps the biggest success among the group’s publication, Kamana is the most popular entertainment monthly that carries its readers with an unbreakable emotional attachment issue after issue. It is primarily a film magazine that also reflects on contemporary and past traits in music, fashion, arts, culture and theater. The focus on film however creates the massive niche audience which supports all film magazines published from anywhere in the world.

Kamana has its social contribution adequately reflected in the encouragement and advancement of the film industry that has benefited professionally by Kamana’s objective reviews, features and focus on emerging talents and outstanding performance.

Strength: Kamana entertains and retains its reader loyalty. A predominantly middle to upper income leisure monthly, the product has a strong appeal among adult and young women and men.


Circulation 42,000 copies monthly

Readership by Sex:

Male – 32 percent
Female – 68 percent

Readership by Age

16 to 20 – 20 percent
20 to 25 – 38 percent
26 to 35 – 28 percent
36 to 55 – 12 percent
55 and above – 02 percent

Readership by Economic Group

Strata A – 15 percent
Strata B – 38 percent
Strata C – 42 percent
Strata D – 04 percent
Strata E – 01 percent

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